Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cheap Finds at the Christmas Tree Shop

The babe and I jaunted out to the Christmas Tree Shop this afternoon after my mama-in-law let me know about the Bob's Red Mill goodies she spied there. All week I've been forgetting it's February vacation week-- I keep wondering why the grocery stores and other shops are so packed with (other) slightly harried looking women and their kiddos.

Anyways, though I vowed not to buy anything as I'm still recovering from last week's Frugal F&*!up, I used the opportunity to check the place out, particularly for good grocery deals. The Bob's Red Mill was indeed priced very well-- there were lots of varieties of goodies, from gluten and dairy-free pancake mix to brownie and cookie mix, gluten-free oats, etc. In fact there were so many different types I don't remember what they cost, just that I know there were some good deals, I'm guessing at least a dollar or two below what you'd find them for in most grocery stores. I also noticed some Newman's Own cookies for $1.99 (saw them later today at Hannaford for $3.99), some Indian food packets similar to Tasty Bite (yum!) for under $2, and rice cakes for $1 a package. I also saw a brand of salad dressing named "Fanny's" which just makes me giggle.

I of course had to sidle up to Customer Service to find out what the store's coupon policy is-- the only item they accept coupons for is their health and beauty items. Which could actually be a pretty decent deal as they have a fair selection of health and beauty items, and just off the top of my head I noticed, for instance, that Olay body wash was about $3 cheaper there than at Rite Aid.

My palms were starting to itch to spend some money, so I shortened our trip before the urges could take over, but it was a fun little field trip as I hadn't been there for ages. And I'm still smiling a little about the Fanny's salad dressing.


  1. fanny! i'm terrified of the xmas tree shop, but you're making it seem sexier than i remember. thanks for getting the scoop on their coupon policy- i'm definitely giving this a shout on the weekend pickthrough tomorrow.

  2. Good to know about their coupon poicy. I took at peek at their stuff a month or so ago and they have totally remodeled that health and beauty section. Might be worth a trip.

    This place freaks me out though--too busy and the cash out lines are so crammed together EEEKK!