Saturday, March 27, 2010

Couponin' article

Thought this was an interesting (although a bit brief) article on couponing and "class." Have you ever been embarrased by a clerk while getting your coupon on? I admit there are certain stores-- like Whole Foods-- where I routinely hold my breath and/or seek out certain cashiers to avoid embarrasment/uncomfortable feelings.


  1. dear lord. i almost never use coupons at whole foods because of embarrassment! i know it's wrong, but i just feel like they're judging me, even though they're probably not. i always pick out the oldest cashier because i feel like they're less likely give me shit.

  2. You should have seen me the other day at Whole Foods with my stack of coupons. I was apologizing to the clerk as if I'd dropped a big turd on the counter. I get mortified but I'm too cheap to not use the qs-- it took about $15 off my bill. Interestingly, I tend to head to the younger clerks thinking they'll be more accepting. There's an awesome lady who works there named Anita with long greyish hair who was cheering me on with my coupons a week or so ago-- definitely try her if you spot her there!