Sunday, May 30, 2010


The other day at Rite Aid I noticed a little sign announcing the City of Portland trash bags would be going up in price from $7.5o for a roll to $10. If my math isn't failing me, this is a 33% increase, right? I believe this will be effective July 1st. In anticipation of shrewd shoppers hoardin' up on the $7.50 rolls, stores are limiting purchases to 2 rolls per transaction. So you might keep this in mind on your next several shopping trips. To make your dirty dollars go further, you might use the ever-fancy $5 off $20 from watching Rite Aid Video Values, or the recent $5 off $50 that Hannaford emailed out last week.

This is also a reminder to me to get back to composting, which though I never seem to use the compost for everything, it still makes me feel productive, and cuts down on our disposable trash, which cuts down on the $ we spend on trash bags. Just sayin'.


  1. I've heard that they are also going to change the bag color, so stocking up on blue may not be helpful. I've heard (again, possibly only rumors) that they are going to have a 'buy back' program, so you can trade in your blue + $2.50 for the new color. When Portland wants to put the screws to us, they're pretty good at it.

  2. I have actually heard that too since my post. Very lame. I'm wondering what exciting new color they will unveil!